International Artist Management

We endeavour to glamourise every kind of event through the mesmerizing acts of our talented pool of performers and artists from across the globe.
From dancers specializing in various forms of dance to instrumentalists expert in a slew of instruments, our aim is to enhance the entertainment quotient of every event. Our professional dancers are efficiently trained in dance forms originating from different parts of the world. These whole gamut of styles range from the Brazilian samba, the Spanish tango, the Cuban salsa, the Irish step-dance, the French ballet, the Egyptian belly-dance, the vibrant gogo dancers and many more.
Below is a brief about the different dance forms and their characteristic moves which make it special:


Our guitarists will make the crowds come alive as they strum their guitar and add texture and color to the songs. From playing soothing compositions that will invoke feelings and depth among the guests to upbeat songs that will get the crowd up and dancing, our guitarists can play to meet different music tastes. One can hire our solo guitarists for their spell-bounding acoustic originals and rhythmic instrumentals, or a complete band replete with violinists, vocalists and drummers.


We will also provide different types of keyboardists who are are proficient at playing different forms of keyboard instruments, including the electric piano, hammond, Moog analog synthesizers, melodica, clavinet, piano and pipe organ among others. Our keyboard players originate from different parts of the world and will cater to all kinds of music demands. With the wide range of keyboard players available in our repertoire, clients can hire our artists to create a soothing ambience or revitalizing the whole event.


Our Saxophonists are skilled in handling the saxophone, a woodwind instrument known for producing a sensual, smooth and relaxing sound. The style of the saxophone is such that it can complement various types of music genres, helping the audience experience the wonder of classical, contemporary, rock, pop and jazz music. Our saxophone players can add the much needed sax with their solo performance or play with a DJ and a band and invigorate the environment with their funk and upbeat rhythm.


Our violinists are adept at beautifully playing the violin and manipulating the strings, producing an elegant and soulful music that will enrapture the audience. Whether it’s inside or outside, our violinists will add the sophistication to the venue with their classic background music. Our violin players are trained in a number of genres, from classical, lounge music, latin, rock, jazz, pop, bollywood, producing something that everyone will love. They can perform solo or in trios and quartets, fusing the elegant score of the violin with the lively music from other instruments.


The salsa is a favourite among our clients as it brings to life the fusion of various dance forms including cha-cha-cha, son, mambo and others. The rhythm of the salsa dance is upbeat and catchy, many finding easy learning it but tough mastering it. Our dancers are professionally trained, which is reflected as they effortlessly sway to the music, taking three steps for every four music beats. Our salsa acts will leave our guests with a lush feeling, and get imprinted in their minds as the most captivating and sensuous performance they have ever watched.

Irish Step Dance

 For our clients who need to enliven their ambience with a traditional and vibrant dance form, we offer trained Irish step dancers.  This form, which originated among the natives of Ireland, captures our guests as the dancers move their legs in an intricate footwork while keeping the upper body rigid. We offer solo as well as group performers who dance while creating fascinating formations and patterns. Our dancers arouse an authentic Irish feel as they create a distinct tap sound with their traditional irish shoes known as ghillies.


People are drawn to the Brazilian carnivals to enjoy the samba dance performed by bright and vibrant dance performers. Our clients get to be entertained by similar dancers professionally trained in samba. With dancers dressed in elaborate costumes consisting of feathers and sequins, elaborate headdresses and high heels, our guests enjoy the authentic Brazilian vibe as the rhythmic samba music permeates the air.


We offer dancers, specializing in ballet, one of the most technical forms of dance. Our ballet acts can involve complex performances, accompanied by classical music, staging and elaborate costumes. Or they can constitute the modern forms where dancers perform in simple costumes like tights and leotards without any elaborate stage work. With their graceful moves and splendid twirls, our ballet dancers captivate the audience and leave them thirsting for more.

Go-go Dancers

These dancers are those who will be specially employed for entertaining crowds at our events. To offer the original feel of gogo dancing, our dancers will be clad in miniskirts with high-heeled, knee-high boots, famously known as go-go boots. With their fiery and energetic performance, they will hype up the event and get the guests grooving with them.
Each of these dance acts, with their characteristic style and costume will be a sight for sore eyes, promising to dazzle the spectators with the exquisite moves of the performers. Based on the client preferences and the tone of the event, our dancers will be flown from different parts of the world, be it Asia, Europe or America.


Our tango dancers mesmerise the guests with their fiery passion as they pirouette to the buoyant tango music. The leaders in this act use their embrace to offer an opening to their following partner, who consequently decides on how to react to the opening. This fascinating synchronisation between the leader and the follower enthralls the spectators and gets them springing to the 2/4 and 4/4 rhythm of the tango music.

Belly Dance

This dance form, involving complex movements and gyrations of the torso, forms an integral part of our troupe of dancers. Following the original style that originated from the land of Arabs, our dancers demonstrate a high amount of skill and artistry. Our belly dancers transform the event into a sensual experience as they mesmerise the crowds with their mind-bending movements and elaborate, traditional costumes. 


The flutists of our group are not just trained in barronet flute and western concert flute, but also in the indian flute. With their talent and expertise, we guarantee to enrapture the audience with the most soulful melodies one may have ever heard.  From english classical to traditional bollywood scores, our professional flutists can play a wide range of music. Be it a solo standout performance, or in an ensemble, our flutists will leave an indelible impression on the mind of every guest.

Clarinet players

Our clarinet players can deftly handle and play the clarinet and add a edgy and dynamic atmosphere to the event. They can be hired to either play solo or in clarinet choirs, producing dynamic harmonies, ranging from high and bright notes to low and mellow music.

Cellist Players

Our cellist players have been classically trained in the cello and hail from different sections of the world. They have been known to demonstrate an expertise in a range of genres spanning from traditional, folk, classical as well as the modern compositions . They will add an added layer of sophistication to any event with their soulful harmony. Based on the needs of the client, they can act solo as well as in an ensemble, performing many acoustic arrangements.


The drummers in our group will get the crowd on their feet with the irresistible rhythm of their drums. When playing in a band, these people act as the backbone of the group, enlivening the music with their vibrant beats and add energy to the party. From bongo, samba to masai drummers, there is no range that our artists cannot match.

Other Services

We provide international dhol players who recharge the ambience with the exuberant performance and get the guests tapping at the beat of the dhol. Although considered the foundation of the Indian bhangra genre, our dhol players can blend their act with funky western music and create a fusion that will energize the crowds and get them grooving. From performing in a group to delivering solo performance, our clients can expect a wide variety of services that our drummers will deliver.

We also have talented vocalists in our repertoire, who will transport the audience in a different world with their soulful voice and heart-rending melodies. With these special blend of talented vocalists and instrumentalists, we will organize some of the best fusion based live musical entertainment shows and ensembles for the guests.

Our musical ensembles will be formed and perform as per the needs of the clients. Depending on the theme of the event, we can offer jazz quartets to infuse elegance in the event, flute trios to rejuvenate the crowds and rock bands that will get the guests up and dancing with their music. From duets, trios, quartets and quintets, there is no range that our musicians won’t cover.

To complement our musicians, we have male and female models who will be draped in enthralling fancy attire and grace our live shows. Our talented models have been trained to showcase the right look, pose and walk in an elegant manner and amp the glamour quotient of the event.

Adding to the splendor of our musicians and dancers, we have DJs hailing from different parts of the world. DJs are people skilled in playing recorded songs and music at clubs and events and getting the audience grooving at the electric beats.

For the flawless execution of most events, we will provide trained and professional hostesses and emcees.

Our international hostesses are women who are especially adept in communicating with the audience and seamlessly multitasking. For every event, they will act as the herder and the organizer and act in way that will leave a pleasant first impression on the guests. They will be assisted by our pretty and graceful welcome girls, who will efficiently welcome the guests and escort them to their respective seats.

For coordinating our events, we provide emcees. Our Emcees will be trained to efficiently manage the whole event, including introducing the acts and and skillfully engaging the guests with their witty and fascinating talk.


For events needing a touch of unique, we even provide talented fire dancers and stilt walkers at the special request of our clients. As their name suggests, our fire dancers will perform jaw- dropping acts in which they will efficiently manipulate fire, as if playing with it.

Adding air to fire, we will also provide aerial acrobatics, who will be enchant the people  as they perform dangerous and gut-wrenching acts in the air and skillfully fly through the air hanging by ribbons.

One of most astounding features are the talented stilt walkers, who will add life to the event as they will pose while standing on stilts and greet guests, looking down from high above the crowd. Similar jaw dropping acts will be performed by our beautiful and talented martinii girls, capturing the spectators with their fascinating martini acts.

What sets us apart from other talent management companies is the stringent selection process through which we will select only the best-in-class performers, delivering the most superior level of performance and meeting all the expectations of our clients. The best performances are backed by the best performers, and to deliver the highest level of entertainment, our screening process will allow us to shortlist only the most talented and authentic artists.